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Unread post by Lanarchy » Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:36 pm

https://www.h1z1.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Sony's shitty attempt to cash in on the DayZ/zombie genre. Which then got bought out by Daybreak (an investment firm)

Now, is offering PAID access to their shitty, broken game, that you have to pay to even get in the beta. Gee, who would have guessed an investment firm would try to milk even more money out of something.

https://www.reddit.com/r/h1z1/comments/ ... w_rewards/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Hey guys, so you may have heard from @J_Smedley that we are offering a 30 day monthly pass for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battle Royale. I'm here to tell you what that's all about and what you can expect to see once we start consuming event tickets for BR and offering the pass. First, let me start by saying that we've had a lot of great feedback about our BR game mode and have offered it for free since launch (just over two months). I want to say thank you for helping us test and work out all of the kinks and bugs we have had over that time period to make sure that BR gets more polished and becomes a better experience overall. During this two month period I hope you have farmed up quite a few event tickets which is great! Those are not going away and you can still use the event tickets to get into any BR game. We've heard the massive amount of feedback about people not wanting to have to use event tickets and would rather just pay a flat fee and play BR forever without having to pay for event tickets, and this is why we chose to offer the monthly pass system.

The Monthly pass is $6.99 and grants you 30 calender days of unlimited Battle Royale access. This includes more Battle Royale server types we add in the future such as 1st person only which we are working on right now. During this 30 day period you will not consume any event tickets you may have.

Once we start consuming event tickets and monthly passes we will be changing the rewards around a bit which will include new skins (yay new stuff). We are introducing 2 new items that total 23 new unique skins, these items are a new crate specific to Battle Royale and a new Mystery Bag. Currently the only way to get a crate is to win 1st place, that will be changing. The new crate will be granted to your account over time, as you play Battle Royale you will receive a crate in your account automatically. The new crate will also have 13 new skins and an ultra rare item. Now on to the Mystery Bag; the old one is extremely saturated and I'm sure most of you have at least 10 of everything that comes inside of it. The new Mystery Bag has 10 new unique skins but now have to be properly earned, instead of dropping to everyone who plays they will only be dropped to the top contenders that have shot,dodged, and survived their way to the top ranks. Lastly we've also adjust the Elite bag contents and now have better drop rates for the shirt skins on opening.

Edit: Reminder, you can still earn event tickets for free by finding them in the H1Z1 world

Here is the new reward payout chart once we make the change:

1st: 1x Unique Red Battle Royale Shirt, 1x Elite Bag, 1x Mystery Bag v2, 1x Airdrop Ticket, 1x Event Ticket
2nd: 1x Elite Bag, 1x Mystery Bag v2, 1x Airdrop Ticket
3rd: 1x Elite Bag, 1X Mystery Bag v2
4th-10th: 1x Mystery Bag v2

In the future we are working on themed seasons (For example but not set in stone: Punk, Apocalypse, Military, From the Streets, Business etc) for Battle Royale, they will run for 3-4 months and all of the rewards will be unique to that theme. We will cycle out new crates, elite bags, and mystery bags for every new season. We are also going to eventually switch out the 1st place unique shirt prize and offer a shirt that will keep track of every win you have. The first time you win 1st place you will be granted the shirt, every time after that the number will increase by 1 showing off how many times you have won the gauntlet that is PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battle Royale.

We are also working on in-game leaderboards that you will see in the box of destiny, these will show off Daily and Monthly kills and wins. At the end of a certain time period we will grant the top players of each leaderboard unique reward skins that are to be determined.

Lastly we are working on 1st person only Battle Royale servers and eventually will have Team Battle Royale servers (teams of 2 and 5).

I hope you guys are excited about the upcoming new rewards and our future plans. This is just the beginning and we hope to take BR to a much higher place in the future. Lastly I'll leave you with the details of the new Crate and the new Mystery Bag
TL:DR - You paid for beta access, now pay $7 a month for a single game mode (battle royale)

This is also on top of the fact that you can pay $$$ to get guns and supplies air dropped to your position

So, this is a pure money grab, and nobody should ever buy this game. Ever.